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Hosted by Library-Agent Bluestocking and broadcasting from deep within the Library, Steampunk Dollhouse is a podcast for deep-dives into steampunk literature and how it relates to colonialism and postcolonial societies, intersectional theory and the damage technology can do when we don't understand its potential.

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Supplemental 7 - A Transnational Conversation with Helena Esser

Wherein universes collide, as they ALWAYS seem to do; steampunk is, for once, NOT defined; and Bluestocking learns that she is not yet ready for London primetime

Show Notes

Asylum X

The Presenters:
Eilís Phillips - @EilisPhillips
William Sutton - @WilliamGeorgeQ
Jenevieve Van-Veda - @VanVeda
Helena Esser - @esserhelena
Kurian T. Peters - @skuldugger
Claire Nally - @tinyhippo1979
Karl Bell - @drkarlbell

Yomi Ayeni - @yoms
Clockwork Watch

Books Mentioned:
William Sutton - Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square: Lawless 1
Claire Nally - Steampunk: Gender, Subculture and the Neo-Victorian

Arjun Raj Gaind - Empire of Blood Issue 01
Katie MacAllister - Steamed
Gail Carriger - Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate)

That Fucking Hill:
Steep Hill

Gorilla Knitting:
Yarn Bombing

German Steampunk:
Steampunk Jahrmarkt 2017
Steampunk Jahrmarkt 2018

Library Boosters:
Mahometan and Celestial

Episode Music courtesy of FreeMusicArchive.Org:
Intro and Wrap -
There's A Hole At The End Of Tunnel by The Black Hakawati
the lincolnshire poacher mi5 by The Conet Project

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